About Us

Lift Up Contra Costa Action is committed to fighting against all forms of oppression, including anti-Black racism, racism, anti-immigrant, anti-LBGTQ and the classist, anti-worker movements. We envision a county in which all people are benefiting from our shared resources. We believe in the value of all of our residents and are fighting for an environment in which everyone can flourish.

What We've Done

Building of the successful appointment of Diana Becton for District Attorney, Lift Up Contra Costa Action partners executed a strategic outreach and education campaign that resulted in:
• A new office in Pittsburg -- which is still being used by both coalition members and partners!
• Three candidate forums, targeting communities deeply impacted by the District Attorney’s office.
• Over 20,000 conversations at the doors and on the phones with Contra Costa voters.
• Mailing educational material about the power of the DA to over 15,000 households
• Calls & texts to over 5,000 voters in the days leading up to the election.
• Voters electing the first African-American woman as District Attorney in our county’s 168-year history.

Our Vision

Our vision of Contra Costa includes workers having the right to work, families having the right to grow in their homes and thrive in their health, safe communities, a growing economy, and an engaged democracy. Together, we will fight for politics and politicians that are responsive to the challenges our communities face and work towards our vision of Contra Costa County.


Lift Up Contra Costa Action, a project of Tides Advocacy, is a collaboration of economic, racial, social, economic and environmental justice groups aligned in developing a countywide civic engagement table in Contra Costa. LUCC Action lifts up the voices of people of color, low-wage workers, tenants, and immigrants, to ensure greater representation throughout the county. LUCC Action was formed in 2016 when eight organizations came together to develop a long-term strategic alliance that can build power among low-income communities of color in Contra Costa.

The organizations that make up LUCC Action have a long history of organizing Black, Brown, immigrant, and working class people living in and moving into Contra Costa County to create a more inclusive economy, thriving communities and engaged democracy locally, statewide, and nationally. LUCC Action’s work focuses on engaging Black and Brown communities who have been disenfranchised, under-represented, and displaced. The organizations that are part of the table work closely with formerly incarcerated individuals, undocumented immigrants, residents of color, and those who stand in solidarity alongside these Contra Costa communities.